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About Us

PDS is a Nordic company founded in 2008. PDS creates added value for our customers based on industry best practices, and is seen as a trusted advisor, providing real value proposition makers with strong customer engagement. PDSVision CAE, a fully owned subsidiary of PDS, helps Nordic companies to optimise their product development process with simulation. From engineering desktop tools to advanced multi-physics simulation.

At an early stage, we strive to increase our customers understanding and importance of simulation performance. Both in the design process for a cost effective and successful product life cycle management, as well as risk mitigation.

At PDSVision CAE, the focus is on the bigger picture
We help companies by demonstrating how simulation software can make a difference to their business. We select the best available software packages that fit our customers specific needs. We bring added-value in our advisory role by showing companies the best practice-simulation usage of these products.

PDSVision CAE focus on Quality in Design
CAE Simulation Modelling initial process description is very important and will led to a result used to build it. Design and Production processes and the interaction of these processes are critical throughout the supply chain.

PDSVision CAE focus on Multidisciplinary/Multi Physics Simulation

  • PDSVision CAE advocates the use of multi-disciplinary technologies so that engineers can get a clear view on the impact their specific part has on a whole project.
  • PDSVision CAE always strives for a holistic approach to our customers simulation needs.
  • PDSVision CAE help our customers in achieving unprecedented results and returns from their simulation software investments.
  • PDSVision CAE focusses on long-term relations, where we can contribute alongside our customers own engineering simulation teams, to create robust simulation models that are incorporated into the entire production process.

PDSVision CAE – a part of the PDS Vision Group

PDSVision CAE (formerly Science Software Nordic) has been part of the PDS Vision Group since the start in 2008. PDS Vision Group is a Northern European IT provider of solutions and services directed mainly towards research and development challenges.

To find out more about PDS Vision Group – Visit www.pdsvision.com


Press Release – Science Software is now PDSVision CAE

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